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Hi @stuckonu, I just wanted to check in. I know your last post triggered some profound emotions. You said it was cathartic to write it all down. That's a positive. I'd like you to know that I'm listening and offer a virtual ear should you want or need it.
How are you?

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GM Colleen
You asked how I am?
VERY TOUCHED by your post and offer.
I live alone as mentioned in several posts. But it was very interesting how they were interpreted. I would love to find someone to talk with and be with if possible.
Over time I’ve found some amazing women who I get very close with just talking. On those sites, like this in some ways that give a person a place to post their picture I have on purpose left my picture out. My thinking was and is: if a person can see me through my words then why see me physically.
You may have noticed that I refer to quotes, words, concepts, and more from books and movies. I wasn’t a good student in pre-college school. Dyslexia and ADD wasn’t known and or considered a learning disadvantage back then so I didn’t read much. But in 8th grade my teacher put on a little play based on one of his favorite books and he chose me to play one of the main parts. We weren’t required to read the book or the play. Instead Mr M condensed it and rewrote the play for Jr High and he told us the story and we discussed it which was fun and a great learning experience. The story was Cyrano de Bergerac.
I got to play the incredibly good looking Christian. In a sad way I was type cast because I did not read and to a certain degree I got though life on my looks and personality…having a great sense of humor was a big plus. But if I ever wanted to write a love letter I needed a Cyrano.
I finally read the book in the 1970s It’s one of my favorites still

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