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Elizabeth (@enska)

Extreme Fatigue and Lack of Motivation

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Sep 30, 2019 | Replies (18)

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Thank you for reaching out to me so quickly. I'm not really sure how it works. The chronic depression is so debilitating and I find impossible to get friends/family to understand. I applaud you for joining a fitness club. I, like you, have been told exercise is key to our mental health issues. I am full of arthritis so I can relate to your chronic pain. My Dr. will not prescribe me narcotics or opioids. Walking is the best overall exercise you can do, so I've been told. So I order running shoes online (I rarely go out) and I believe I have walked 2x in 2 months. It's a start. I would love to walk every day, before the depression and arthritis hit I walked all the time. Baby steps, I would like to set up a walking schedule, but I feel defeated before I even start one. I am on so much depression medication, and at one time or another I have been on all of yours. Start small and gradually increase your exercise. If you are anything like me,(when I ordered the running shoes I was convinced I would walk 30 minutes each and every day!) and try to be proud that you got out of bed and did something. That is one of the toughest to do. Hopefully we can talk again, marysunshine. Do you remember the children's song " Good Morning Merry Sunshine" I going to check it out on YouTube.

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@lonelylady @marysunshine I applaud you both for starting to exercise , yes baby steps but they will increase daily or weekly or monthly slowly I always feel better when I exercise. Maybe there are other things you liked to do in the past you can look at, at sometime. I like just getting into the water and wading around . Keep it up both of you . Good luck

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