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I would like to know if I have a list of altruistic donors. Do I need to continue my plea for donors. Are they talking/scheduling someone for testing. Are they pro active in getting someone to come in. Do they move on immediately if they don’t get a response from a potential donor.
Can I ask them to put a specific donor that I know that has recently come forward to the top of the list for consideration.
Why can’t they let me know any of these questions without revealing specific details.
Who do I speak to from the recipient team that can shed any light on my quest. Is there a liaison between the two groups to find out what’s going on.
How many donors do I have in the list. Some I know, others could be strangers.
I understand that the donor team is an advocate for the donor. I would just like to know if they are working with someone and the status.
If someone says they can’t donate until next year, do they move on to the next person.

I am trying to have my transplant before I need to go on dialysis. I only have until the end of the year, I think. Next blood test is the end of the month.

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@morty, It is my wish that you and all persons who are waiting for a transplant will get one soon.
How are you feeling while you wait? Have you found anything to occupy yourself while waiting?

@morty My suggestion is to speak with your social worker, and express your concerns and questions. I am sure they do not want you stressing yourself needlessly, nor do they want to give you false hope. There are many thousands waiting for a kidney, either through live donor or deceased donor. A friend of ours who recently went through a living donor transplant, knew who had raised their hands, who had been tested and all right along, because he kept in contact with these people, himself. Have you kept a list of names, and contacted them? What is your GFR the last time it was checked?

@morty, Organ donation is a miraculous event, and it definitely does not occur as easily as TV and movies would lead us to believe. With that in mind, I am concerned about how you are getting along. I was on dialysis before my transplant because of acute kidney failure. How are you feeling and have you needed to start dialysis?