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Waiting on diagnosis

Brain & Nervous System | Last Active: Nov 3, 2020 | Replies (30)

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@jl1 — There is an older webinar Q & A Video from 2017 that talks about hemangiomas that you might find helpful.

Video Q&A about Vascular Malformations and Related Syndromes

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Thank you for posting this!! I am so happy I found Mayo Connection, my doctors dismiss my hemangiomas (T1 & T11), but I really wonder if they are creating all these nerve, bathroom, heart and leg weakness issues.
My thoughts on these are they swell like any other blood vessel, so could this be my issues? My doctors seem to think not, but I have done my research. If anyone develops neurological or nerve issues, I think it is safe for physicians to at least address it 🙂
I pray everyday that my issues are figured out and soon. It's been a hard road these last 5 months.

Aimee 🙂

Opps! I forgot to mention my vascular hemangiomas are in my thoracic spine vertebra.

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