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Waiting on diagnosis

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@jl1 A lot of hemangiomas are benign. I have a couple of them in my thoracic spine and I wouldn't know about them without an MRI as there are no symptoms. They are an area of blood supply within the vertebrae, and there is less bone there because of the hemangioma. If they cause weakness in the bone or if the lesion grows into the spinal canal, that could be an issue. I asked my spine surgeon about mine and he told me it was nothing to be concerned about. Essentially it is like a birthmark which is a lesion caused by a clump of blood vessels and those can occur on internal organs.

Here is a link that explains. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK532997/

This is a case report of a symptomatic hemangioma. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5088736/

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I have 2 in my thoracic spine. I have all kind of weird issues that developed suddenly, but prior to that, I told my husband I know I have had some of these symptoms over the last many years.
Anywho. My symptoms now are weak heavy legs, Nerve dumping as I call it (My nerves will fire on the left side of my body from low rib to groin, down left leg and into right glute), sometimes tight chest, Heart started PACs/SVTs, bathroom issues (BM and Urinary). I am not saying that my hemangiomas are the cause, but symptoms I have correlate with the nerves that run from T1 & T11.
I have had a very hard 5 months with tons of testing, scans and doctors and no one can explain these mystery, sometimes debilitating symptoms. I went from Go get em mother, to resting 90% of my day to stay comfortable.
I have a few more tests and I am working with Chiro and PT for muscle lock, but if things do not improve and no answers, I will be pushing for referral to mayo.
Thank you for posting links. I have researched quite a bit, but I am not sure I read over the ones you posted.
Have a great day!