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What would make a child run a high temp each month for a year?

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Hi @maudie01, welcome to Connect. I know it can be scary when a child gets high fevers and especially unnerving if the are reoccurring. Hopefully other members will be able to share some suggestions with you from their experience. You might find the following Mayo Clinic Q & A helpful.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Child with recurrent fever may have periodic fever syndrome

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May I ask how old your grandchild is? Have the doctors given any diagnosis or tests for the child?

@maudie01 A fever is typical in almost everyone when there is an infection present. I read your other posts and the responses. Is your granddaughter seen at the time of the fever, or when her temp is normal-for-her? The higher temps might be caused by any of the following: ear infection, a bacterial infection, a virus, cutting teeth, some gastro upset, etc. A fever usually means the body is fighting something. Is the child's mother/father/guardian keeping a journal of what she eats, her activities, when the fever occurs, any other physical symptoms? There might be a pattern recognized. You say she has gone to The Children's Hospital but they say nothing. My own personal opinion, and I am not a medical doctor, is to push for something to be done, or take her to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. The whole situation must be confusing and frustrating for everyone involved! I hope you will let us know what you decide.