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PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments

Prostate Cancer | Last Active: Apr 1, 2020 | Replies (45)

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I’m 60 years I have been getting PSA tests for the last 10 yrs last year psa was 3.9 this year its 15. My family doctor said I more than likely have cancer. Referred me to a urologist my first appointment with him is in two months is that too long to wait, should I find another urologist on my own ?

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I wouldn't wait 2 months for sure. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and had a radical prostatecomy and then because the margin was so close to the edge I had radiation. My psa now has gone from 2.88 too 6.22 in 6 months and I am scheduled for a ct scan and a bone scan this coming Monday. I should probably get another psa since my doctor here said one of the vitamins I take may have caused it to be higher than what it should be.

Hello JP59,
Followed my PSA from about 3 to 8.5 over the past 5 years and decided to treat the prostate cancer this year. I completed two MRI guided biopsies and anesthesia was absolutely not needed – no issues or pain. I'm currently about to complete 39 Proton Beam treatments along with androgen suppression (two shots three months apart) and have only minor side effects. The results of the MRI and biopsy were the turning point for me to start treatment.

All the Best.

I have 1.5 on my PSA. My urologist said "The best test is still a digital (finger probe) I can't imagine 15. What did your family Doctor say about your digital test,? or did he do one.Please call your family Doctor and have his office call a specialist within two weeks. My two brothers waited. They died within 2 months on everything but surgery. My heart doctor found he had cancer of the prostate and had immediate surgery. He is so happy with his decision and retired in Australia. Good luck to you.