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abrunslori (@abrunslori)

Immunotactoid glomerulonephritis

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@abrunslori I take a blood pressure medication to keep my BP in good range, as that is important to not stress the kidneys. Also, a diuretic [furosemide] every day or every other day as I see fit. And I take a medication for gout, to keep my uric aid from building up. I follow a careful renal diet [limit protein, no dairy, low-to-no potassium, low phosphorus, no purines because of the gout, low sodium]. I limit my sugary foods. Exercise as my knee will allow me, usually walking. No steroids for me, if possible, because diabetes runs in my family and I do not want medical-induced diabetes.

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Thanks ginger for getting back to me. Sounds like we have a lot of the same symptoms and follow the same protocol. I found out I'm allergic to the diuretics so I tend to drink a lot of lemon zest water. I do have some dairy once in awhile in yogurt or cheese and mayo so that a glass of wine now and then would be okay. But all my nephrology East restricted me from really was red meat and salt. I've just done a lot of self-education hopefully try and sustain a longer period before dialysis. I am sure like you I just try to be mindful of every day and take everything as it comes. But thanks againand if I find any great information I will sure pass it your way!!

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