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When I had my hypoglycemic problems, I was in my forties and my doctor knew about my family stress but didn't know much about blood sugar problems at the time. That is why I had to search for help on my own, and at the time it was a paramedic who helped set me on a good course for getting better. I agree that your doctor is your best source for help and you should have the test results explained to you so you can begin a program that works for you. When I took the physiology class a few years later, I learned more about low and high blood sugar, but mostly about diabetes. It has taken many years of study to learn how to control my aged body for better health, so I only share my experiences that worked for me. Basically I am on the right track but I am no doctor and you should be guided by a professional who knows about your condition. I would like to encourage everyone that we can improve our health with study and changes in our diet, exercise, and attitude. We are here to support each other. Low blood sugar and high blood pressure are serious problems as we age and we need support from others to seek the answers and follow the programs recommended. Dorisena

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This runs in my family my mother father and sister all deal with sugar diabetes