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I have neuropathy, fibromyalgia and for over 8 months severe pain and swelling in my left foot, toes and ankle. All diagnosis and no one figures out the pain.Ha to give up many things because the pain was unbearable. I want to the ER of a hospital in awful pain and anxiety contributing to more pain. They really could not do anything as I was not a medical emergency. However, a doctor recommended a podiatrist and gave me a name. I had had MRI of foot an ankle and there were some issues but I was told not severe enough for this pain. Went to the podiatrist last week and diagnosed with Morton neuroma. A PAINFUL foot issues. I am finishing up a steroid pack and the swelling is down and pain is minimal. Had to get special shoes and I go back next week. 5 different doctors and no looks at my swollen, painful foot and toes. 8 months of pain. I pray this is a true diagnosis. There is still much to do and I will have pain but I believe I am making progress. Surgery may be the end result but I will go for it. Has anyone heard of this or had it. I do know that this is the best my foot feels and looks in months. I finish the med pack tomorrow and pray I continue to do well.

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@summertime4 I also have fibromyalgia and was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma 2 years ago. Had steroid injections. Saw a foot surgeon. At that point he suggested I could first try shoes with very firm soles so that my toes do not bend when I walk. He actually suggested the shoe Hoka One. He said I could never ever walk anywhere inside or outside in bare feet; I must always have a firm sole shoe or sandal on.
Also it was recommended I use a metatarsal pad insert in my shoe as I have no fat tissue left in the metatarsal area of the bottom of my foot and that pain was exasperating the toe pain from the Morton’s neuroma. My third and fourth toes are always swollen. I can’t bend those two toes. So far this had helped keep the pain at bay for 2 years but I can feel that it is just not feeling as good anymore. I think I see a return visit coming up soon. I’m hoping to put surgery off as long as possible without causing any harm to my foot. When that day does come at least I know I gave it my best shot already.
Have you visited with a surgeon yet? Did you get any suggestions other than surgery?
Best wishes to you, I hope you find some answers that will help.