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Hip replacement worries - analysis paralysis

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I had the anterior approach and have found it has worked fantastic. I'm 7 months out and just returned from Europe where I walked extensively every day all day. Major hills and rugged terrain that I would have never been able to do last year. I did feel sore several evenings but the soreness was gone in the morning. Prior to my hip surgery I had a kidney transplant 2 1/2 years earlier so I had been very concerned about the hip surgery. I could afford to lose some weight and make it easier on my new hip and kidney. I had both operations at the Mayo Jacksonville and couldn't be happier with the results! I didn't realize how much pain I was in until after I received the new hip. For me the anterior approach was the way to go and shortened my recovery time. I found the hardest decision was to make the decision and move forward. Good luck on your path

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Hi, @scottb32 Wow, that is wonderful. What a great outcome. You must be thrilled. I am curious about the losing weight part, if you don't mind me asking. I am at the upper limit of the BMI for anterior – 35. What was yours when you had your surgery? I thought it was a little odd that the one doc said that because it would be an unusually large incision that it would probably gap open and I would have to go to wound care. Did yours do that? The incision apparently needs to be large to finesse the femoral head out. Apparently they will have to piece mine out since it is fused.

@scottb32 That’s great that you have had such a positive experience and are doing well. I feel the same way about my TKR. I generally walk and exercise a lot with no significant pain. Recently I’ve been sidelined due to having fractured my femur.

@mamie My husband had a similar dilemma a long time ago – two surgeons with different opinions. You will probably hate this suggestion, but I would get a third opinion. My husband actually consulted with my doctor who was a dean at Harvard Medical. His case was a bit different, both surgeons were going in but what they did when they got in (ankle) was different. My doctor hold him that when they opened his ankle up it would obvious what the next step should be, and apparently it was, he very rarely has pain in his ankle now.
I will be interested in hearing how you proceed.