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@randythehack Good, I am glad you were able to get in today and not have that hanging over you all weekend. Please let us know what he has to say.

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X-rays show both my knees are bio-mechanically sound; good clearances, no indication of any of the prostheses becoming loose, dislodged, or damaged in any way. However, what appears to be the culprit in all this is a pinched nerve in my lower lumbar. X-rays on my lower back show a very suspicious area in my lower spine where pinching is likely occurring. As things have gotten worse, the pain is radiating into my lower leg, ankle, foot, and upward into my hip. Those are hardly indicative of a TKR joint failing and far more indicative of a pinched nerve. I have an MRI scheduled for next week to confirm.

I'm was never so relieved to see the x-rays of my knees – they pretty much look like they did nearly 10 years ago when they were first put in.

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