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Pain leading to Seizures

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Other than the touching of a nerve that can cause things to happen. I had the tooth removed along with the wisdom teeth. This is a mystery and entire mystery. Doctors gave her Prozac but I do t believe she is having a mental issue. I just want the seizures to stop and she get back to living

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Are you planning on making arrangements to see a maxillofacial surgeon? Did you daughters infection concern her dentist or other doctors? Has she seen a Neurologist? Who put her on Prozac? Has that changed, improved or made worse the seizures either in severity or the frequency? I see she had an EEG and MRI? In Epilepsy a normal 30 minute EEG is very common as are normal MRI’s. Psychogenic episodes are not seizures, they are not caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, however they can mimic one and they can be very difficult to differentiate. To get a definitive diagnosis between Epilepsy vs Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizure (PNES) she needs to be evaluated in an
Epilepsy Monitoring Center with Video Electroencephalography (VEEG.) This may take 1-10 days. What are the doctors reasons why these seizures may be PNES? Are her eyes open or closed during the seizure/event? One indication the PNES diagnosis may be correct is the long duration of the seizures. Do they all last 45 or so minutes. Psychogenic episodes can have a Psychological or Physical or cause. The brain shuts down in order to cope with the stress in PNES. Is she depressed, stressed or have anxiety?

Hi, @tcr0315 – Thinking of you. How is your daughter doing?

@cillamac – how is your son lately? Has he had any more episodes?