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Hi @lioness , belted galloway cattle are pets I think 🙂 I'm not an expert, but I think they are meat cattle.

My girls did 4H when they were young. We had chickens! I'm a big fan of McMurray Hatchery! I would order baby chicks and raise them. We started with 2 arucanas named Chicken Patty and Foghorn Leghorn. Gorgeous birds that lay blue-green eggs. I would brag at the office that I am a "Poultry Exhibitionist" as we showed our birds at the 4H county fair and won some ribbons. 🙂 I had to wash the birds for the fair, there's a class for that! Wash them in soapy water, then rinse in vinegar water, and then in water with a 'bluing' soltuion (for laundry whites) to give your birds a beautiful white for the fair 🙂 Oh my, we had so much fun!

I've had great success with this hatchery! They will send the birds to you in the mail, check out the beautiful chickens!

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@Erinmfs Sounds like fun you had . My boy was in scouts we use to go to his pine wood derby gave the men ,boy time together . Those chickens look really nice I liked the Bantam rooster,s colors. WOnder if the chocolate egg taste like chocolate haha . Having kids and doing those things with them are great what memories we have . When I was in my 60,s and took my grandson to a waterpark I participated in the Lazy river tube,s loved it but what a difference age makes now 76 just watched him. But good memories for us. Going to see him this Friday but will just play games much better

Those chickens would look better to me if they were fried.