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Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC

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Joelars you will do it as the rest of of us do. One day at a time. If your doctor said four weeks don’t think you’re in hospice tomorrow. Give yourself a break. Be thankful you have a doctor who wants to work with you. You have many prayers in your direction. Let us know what is happening after doctor. We care.

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@jo54 thank you. I appreciate your kindness.
What do the rest of you do when you have so little time? I'm afraid I won't do this terminal stage very well. I am resistant to what is the natural process.
I didn't even know I was that sick. This week-end I had some of the best runs and workouts I've had in years.
Maybe I'm taking an unnecessarily pessimistic view. I googled early detection (I assume it's early because I wasn't told in the previous scans) of lung cancer and one site said there is a 90% chance for a 5 year survival. It didn't mention the quality of life. All the sites agreed that I should begin treatment asap. What is the reason for a 4 week delay? Isn't the sooner the better? He is my GP. He can only refer me to an oncologist. Why wouldn't he do that now?