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kathysway (@kathysway)

Questions about Hormone Blockers: Side Effects?

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Aug 6, 2020 | Replies (27)

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Kathysway, congratulations on your half way mark! I’m hoping you can continue with little side effects. My experience was similar to yours at my half way point, but as the radiation treatments finished up, the more tired and run down I got. By the end, I was still ‘ok’ but needed sleep really badly. For me as things progressed the emotional side of cancer became more of a challenge. I was in radiation treatment just a year ago. I was 64 when diagnosed, and as I progressed through treatment, the emotional side of having a deadly disease really got to me. It sort of hit me in the face that I’m not young, healthy, and carefree any more. I craved solitude and simplicity. I didn’t have much emotional support, most people see how ‘well’ you are doing physically, and they don’t even think about what you are feeling emotionally. I tried to be my normal cheerful self, but craved solitude to grieve the health I had taken for granted, and likely will never have that health again. Few people understand the emotional toll this dreadful disease takes, or the emotional side of any serious illness. I’m so grateful for this group and the opportunity to connect with others! Thank you to all of you!!!

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thank you for your reply I haven't cried or really expressed anything since being diagnosed I've just been doing everything that the Dr.treatment plan but yes I understand wanting to be alone I have my husband here and my adult children but I still feel alone I refuse to let this get to me I've had a very hard life growing up and after it has never been easy for me but I have a very strong faith and I do think that life is test after test and this to shall past and whatever the end results are that's what is meant to be I understand people dont think the same way I do and thats fine but I will continue to do as I've always done and do good for others as I can and enjoy my life with love ones as much as I can if I can leave memories and put smiles on faces then thats alll I can do i'll never give up and I get that a lot about how great I look and I must be doing great I think it makes them feel better to say things like that and I understand no one really knows what to say what gets me is when they say call if you need anything im the person thats there when they need things so I dont ask and wont over all Im still very grateful for the 61 years that I have lived so far and pray to see many more and I will pray for anyone an everyone as I do and Thank all of you for being here for me.