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Chronic Pain: Depression as a result

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@rick1945, Hello and welcome to connect. The members of our mentoring group do not have medical backgrounds and so do not make diagnoses or provide treatment. What we do, is listen through this mail forum. The more that you can help us learn about you, the better that we can share some experiences, introduce you to others who perhaps have walked in her shoes over the years. I was very much reeled in to your post because it said…..fell off a horse 50 years ago. In 1972 I had a pretty scrunchy fall from my Arabian.

I spent 3 days face down in a sling over the bed. The apple swelling on my head took weeks to grow smaller and the pain was there with every movement. The one thing the neurologist said in the ER was that I would have difficulty later if I didn't wear the neck brace and didn't stay off Arabian Geldings. So ….you guessed it, I did neither of those things. And today, I am paying the price dearly.

Are you the caregiver for the 70-year-old lady? Is she your wife or another relative? I am so sorry that her provider does not feel he can help. I am 77 and just 6 years ago, I had that surgery that puts titanium blocks in your cervical spine. That took care of a lot of the discomfort and left the small fiber neuropathy for me to deal with on a daily basis.

Would it be possible for you to share a little more about the source of her pain, the area on her body that is affected and the medication and treatments that she is receiving? We are here for both of you. Thanks for being her champion. Chris

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Chris, My computer has been down. I am a friend of this person. I will see her tomorrow and get back with you, Thanks,Rick

I saw her today and have added imformation. She has been on an anti depressant for two years. I does not help. I let her know she should ask for another med with a differant chemical base. I also asked her to be more assertave with the doctors.
Said her pain med takes the edge off the pain. She has taken this for several years. Neuronton 400 my 3 times per day.