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Post-operative Gastroparesis

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It sounds as though you have more than gastroparesis. The foamy mucosa usually comes from other problems like silent reflux or swallowing problems like achalasia or Barrett's esophagus. With gastroparesis you need a lower fiber diet and avoid fibrous fruits and vegetables… like the stems of broccoli or celery and peels of fruits. Seeds of cooked tomatoes and summer squash can cause problems too.. so scoop them out before cooking them. You should avoid raw foods. Eat soft cooked easily digestible fruits and veggies.. canned fruit is fine.. and eat tender meats. You can use your device's browser and search for easily digestible foods.

Eat small meals… 5 or 6. You will never feel hungry this way so you have to schedule when and what you will eat. There are many apps than can help you know how many calories you need to gain and maintain weight and keep up with what you eat and your progress. These apps make for good food diaries and can help you figure out things that make your symptoms worse. I have trouble maintaining weight and have to eat some sweets and fatty foods to gain, but with no gallbladder this is difficult for me. If I could only drink those protein drinks… they make me nauseous.


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Are there any trials happening at Mayo for endoscopy procedure GPOEM for Gastroparesis? I under that there are promising results.
I have suffered for 3 years.
I do all the message and exercises to strengthen my stomach wall. I follow the diet.
I get better and then I get such cramps for days and am just miserable. I really want to get into a trial at some hospital for the G POEM.

Besides the small frequent meals I also walk after eating…..I get bloated just drinking my coffee in the morning….I walk even when I hurt because it gives me relief either by passing gas or gets the digestion moving….Finding out what I could eat was very helpful, and sometimes it doesn’t matter what I ate, but the quantity of my safe foods…. 🙏❤️