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natalee_43 (@natalee_43)

MRSA was found in my sputum

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Hello @natalee_43

I would also like to invite, Teri, @windwalker, to talk with you regarding this new problem of MRSA in your sputum. Teri is a volunteer mentor on Connect and she has had a lot of personal experience with infections similar to this and may be able to offer some suggestions.

I'm wondering, @natalee_43 if you also have a cough with this problem? What type of antibiotics did your doctor give you? Are you scheduled to see a pulmonary specialist?

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I have no cough and I’m on antibiotics sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 mg TB I’m going on it two weeks twice daily and no I’m just at my primary doctor.

Hi Natalee. I am glad that members who have personally experienced having MRSA have responded to you. I have never had it. That had to be scary getting that news. Jan said she had it and it was easily treatable for her. I hope the same holds true for you. All of us respond differently to these various bugs and the treatments. For example: my pseudomonas was gone in 30 days, but for Jan and a few other people, the battle is on-going. I am glad that you found this group, and I hope that you take the time to read over past posts and also scroll thru the topics on our discussion board. Please keep me posted on your progress in fighting the mrsa. I will be sending healing thoughts your way. Are you nebulizing with 7% saline by any chance?