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CT lung cancer screening

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@merpreb My scans are 4 months apart. I'm hoping it is unusual to find the tumor in this shortest period? the problem is I told the doctor not to call me and instead I scheduled an appointment, because last time he called and told me to come in. I waited 1 week thinking I had cancer only to find out it was a residue of the infection. But the downside is I have to wait 4 days to see him on this recent test. I googled the symptoms of lung cancer and I don't have wheezing, blood, pain in arm or chest, cough, weakness but the article also said many people don't have any symptoms early on. I'm hoping if I do have a tumor, it could only be 4 months old and therefore small? so maybe they could successfully remove it?

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@joelars– If your doctor was concerned that you had lung cancer based on what he saw then he'd have you do a PE scan. Aren't you driving yourself nuts with all of this? I did and it really makes things worse- in your mind at least. I know that it's difficult to think about anything else right now but please try and get your mind on something else. Can you do that?