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CT lung cancer screening

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@merpreb, I'm ambivalent about a work-up because I feel the docs are good at finding problems but not in providing remedies. So if I just get a poor diagnosis and no medical solution it would dampen my desire to continue with the high intensity work-outs that I put myself through. On the other hand, maybe they have something new that can help me with my exercise program making it a little easier.

The x-ray is my primary doc's suggestion. I'm guessing the x-ray is just a follow-up from the pneumonia and not a cancer screening. The cancer screening question I asked earlier was prompted by a medical program I was listening to. It had nothing to do with my x-ray (although I'm guessing that an x-ray would pick up a tumor?)

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joelars – I understand more now. Thank you for going into more detail. ANY diagnostic test is not 100%. My first tumor was picked up by an Xray. Also if your doctor isn't a positive about the anomaly that he picked out then a follow-up CT might be needed.
If a doctor gives you news that is not to your liking then you must follow it up, of course. After my first cancer I went all out with exercising. Don't you think that your welfare should be put before your desire for high intensity work-outs, not matter how good they make you feel?

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