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Hello! My son showed symptoms of severe anxiety from a young age. Untreated anxiety can lead to depression, and that happened. We tried therapy before we went on to Prozac about a year-and-a-half ago now. He is 10 now. I had many of the same concerns, he is also an only child and extremely bright and outgoing. I'm happy to say in our case, medication that allowed him to manage his anxiety and depression better allowed the better parts of his personality to come out much more. The medication has helped a lot. It has not been a complete cure. Therapy has been challenging for us because my son's anxiety is related to his Tourette Syndrome, a neurological problem. We've had extreme success with Tourette Syndrome therapy that was specific to neurological disorders, but that's a framework that is more temporary in nature and not an ongoing thing, it does not involve things like talk therapy, but learning how to advocate for oneself and make alternative words and gestures than tics. Before we got the proper Tourette Syndrome diagnosis, we also had a therapist tell us not to come back because he was too challenging to work with. Sometimes I wish I could find him a therapist that combined neurological and mental health stuff but that is really hard to find. Good luck and it sounds like you guys are on the right course!

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Good Morning!
Thank you for sharing. It is comforting to know that there is good help out there for young children.
Your son sounds very much like my granddaughter.
My daughter is also looking into the possibility of Tourette Syndrome.
I have noticed my grand has tics, "stretches" her eyes (as she puts it) and lots of what sounds like throat clearing.
The psychiatrist does not know if it might be part of the anxiety?

Have a terrific Monday!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

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