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Here is the link to the clinical study, @robschweiger refers to.
– A Study of Minimally Invasive Pericardiotomy as a New Treatment for Heart Failure https://www.mayo.edu/research/clinical-trials/cls-20455324

Are you considering taking part in the study, Rob?

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Yes, I was originally scheduled to be the first patient but scheduling delays changed that. I believe I am now scheduled to be the third patient in late August. However, once again, I have not had all the details firmed up for me and the full procedure has still not been explained to me and I have more questions needing answers. I have been fortunate in that Dr. Borlaug has been very considerate in communicating with me often since he first diagnosed me four years ago and Dr. Rowse took the time to call me and answer several questions I had. I am hoping to speak with the clinical trial coordinator next week, Laura Kveene, whom has been very helpful, in order to answer my remaining questions.

Hi Colleen! I checked the link you sent, not much information about procedure, so lots of questions about this trial.
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