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Botox for urinary incontinence?

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Thanks, @jenniferhunter I presume they start with a typical dose and move forward from there. I trust my urogynecologist very much, and I also sometimes run things by my daughter's sister-in-law who is also a urogynecologist and who actually mentored the doctor I am going to.
I know nothing about hormones but I do know they try to limit as much as possible the treatments you are getting. I think moving to hormones would probably be a last ditch effort if necessary. I have never had a clotting problem, and in fact my platelet count tends to run a bit low so that is probably overall not bad — it's just below the typical range usually, sometimes within the range.
I never heard that milk is a diuretic! How interesting. Of course many people say that coffee is but the latest research I have read says that if the person is used to drinking coffee that effect diminishes. When they kept a test group off of coffee for a while and then started them back on coffee, after two weeks it stopped acting like a diuretic.
Thanks for the wishes on Botox. I am a bit nervous but who wouldn't be? My appointment is on the 31st. They do sedate you so my husband will have to come to drive me home. They said to expect to be there for a few hours. Just thinking about it, I get butterflies in my stomach, and I am not usually like that. I tend to go to surgery even completely calm, just anticipating a positive outcome.

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@contentandwell After reading these post from Jennifer about Botox I just wanted to say good luck and let us know . I don't know much about Botox injuction but pray it works for you . Just do you homework and I,m sure you have .