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Botox for urinary incontinence?

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@contentandwell My mom had Botox injections done inside the bladder and the effectiveness lasted about 6 months, and then it would need to be repeated (in her case anyway). The doctor inserts a camera after filling the bladder with water and does about 30 injections in the wall of the bladder with Botox. They do use some numbing agents first. My mom was able to feel the pain of the injections after the numbing and they were sharp pains. Sometimes there is some bleeding after. I was able to see all of that on the video monitor while my mom was having this procedure and some blood oozing from the injection sites. This treats an overactive bladder that contracts too much. There are other issues that can contribute to incontinence which my mom also had, where the urethra does not close enough, and she had injections of a silicone like bulking agent to stiffen and thicken the opening. I guess that is like having a sink stopper that doesn't fit and the water drains away slowly. There can also be spine issues and nerve problems contributing, and spinal stenosis is know to cause issues like this, and I suspect that may be true in her case. My mom wasn't satisfied with her results even though she had about 50% improvement, and she now has a foley catheter and a leg bag. I say 50% because if she went to the rest room every 2 hours before she felt like it was necessary, she stayed dry, and if she felt urgency, it would be too late.

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@jenniferhunter Thanks, Jennifer. I thought I had responded to yo before but it does not appear as if I did. Maybe I forgot to hit "reply"!
Thanks for the info. I think just the Botox injections will be all I need. I am sort of scared about any pain, although I am usually pretty good at pain, but also at the possibility of having to self-catheterize. I am definitely going ahead though because the Botox will allow me to get off of Trospium, a drug that is said to contribute to getting Alzheimer's. It will be great if I can finally not have to be up numerous times during the night.