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Botox for urinary incontinence?

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Hi @contentandwell I wanted to tag @bborth has mentioned botox for digestive issues and may be able to offer support or what there research showed.

I also wanted to share this article from the University of Michigan on this procedure: http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/urology/BotoxAInjections.pdf

Did you doctor suggest this procedure or did you find it on your own?

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@ethanmcconkey I have been going to a urogynecologist but the problem persists. I had read about it so I asked her. I had to have urodynamic testing to determine if I was a good candidate, and I am.
My question is really specifically about having it for incontinence problems. I appreciate you trying to find a member with a similar experience but I doubt Botox for digestive issues problems would be similar. Thank you for the link.
It really is amazing that something that I believe was originally used for cosmetic purposes has been found to help in many ways. My daughter may end up getting it for migraines, but with any of these problems it has to be demonstrated that other treatments did not help enough before insurance or Medicare will cover the cost.