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@mamacita Hey mamacita, I’m so sorry for your illnesses. I was intrigued to know that you had cellulitis. I,too, have had it and you’re the first person I’ve known that could share with me. Can I ask where you had it? I had it in my lower legs and have to be vigilant so I don’t have a recurrence. Wow, mine got so bad I was hospitalized. I wish I knew how I got it.
It sounds to me that you’ve developed a wise plan for communication with the medical professionals – and that isn’t easy sometimes! Anyway, hope you feel better! ""……………..Karen

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Hi,@karen00! Well, I have to tell you that my entire scalp, left forehead, and left eye was covered in Shingles. My beloved PCP diagnosed me with folliculitis on a Monday. I took Bactrim faithfully for four days straight. Nothing.
So off to the Nurse Practitioner who took one look at me and said Shingles. Dealt with that for a month. Brief respite of a few days.

Then the Shingles came back in full force. Along with a painful patch of cellulitis the size of a Georgia peach. It felt like a volcano about to erupt. While in that state, I presented myself yet a third time, whereupon. he alleviated the pressure. Let's just say two shots of lanacaine were nowhere near enough.

I just finished Valtrex yesterday. Hopefully that is the end of Shingles.

I do take probiotics, vitamin C and e. We eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of filtered water. I stay busy, moving around all day long. You are wise to take good care of cellulitis. It can be a bear to deal with. Oh. I forgot to tell you. I have a bald patch where the cellulitis was. He is hopeful my hair will grow back.

Just another fun day in the neighborhood. Ha!

Thank you for your comments! I am so pleased to have met you here! Will you come back sometime and visit?


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