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Gallbladder surgery coming up this week

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I had open gallbladder surgery 40 years ago before laparoscopic was used. About 10 years later my husband had the laparoscopic. They won’t know the entire condition of your gall bladder until they start the laparoscope and can see if via the camera. If it looks diseased or inflamed they will opt for the open surgery. I understand your concerns but my opinion is, you don’t have another option. You can control your pain with diet like you have tried but it’s not going to improve and may get worse. You have only had your symptoms for 7 months so chances are you are good for the laparoscope. Recovery from the open surgery is not that bad. I waited 5 years before I had mine done….the gall bladder at that point was packed with stones. I went months between symptoms until they started occurring more frequently. No one likes invasive surgery much less going under anesthesia. Have this done now as an elective surgery. You don’t need the gallbladder anyway and the doctors are right. I’ve known of emergency gallbladder surgery on someone and you don’t want that to happen. If you are basically healthy you’ll be just fine and won’t have to worry about unpredictable pain….stress brings on gallbladder pain also. Come back and tell us what you have decided.

Regards from FL Mary

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@tennisgolf I can understand your reluctance to have the more invasive surgery but I have known people who did, including my mother, before they were doing laparoscopic and yes, the recovery was a bit longer but things did work out quite well afterward. The doctor will not do that unless it is necessary so if you are confident of that doctor then you need to let him make that decision when the surgery is taking place. If you are really ambivalent then perhaps you should get a second opinion.
I am a post-liver-transplant patient and when they remove your old liver they take your gallbladder with it and do not replace the gallbladder. Not having a gallbladder has not caused me any problems at all.

Thanks to you and to others. Encouragement is very helpful. My surgeon is young – practicing about 10 years. He is a trauma surgeon; a general surgeon – I told him I hoped my case was "interesting enough" to hold his concentration. I suppose that sounds rude, but I am trying to have him see me as ME and not just another patient (ho hum). Yes, I do sound like I am being a bit harsh…..