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Larry (@crashnam)

Recent Ablation: Wait and See If Working

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@crashnam Hi Larry l had mines on May 24th and l been Praising the Lord ever since. People just don't understand what a miracle that is. It just so Amazing. I was having problems with my heart for years and cardiologist just ignored the fact. I was put on multi recall high blood pressure meds, diuretics and blood thinners. And l was allergic to so many meds that last year the heart hospital here when l was in trouble said we can't give you anything. So l went home and next thing l noticed l was in a psych ward. I saw my notes that wrote about it. But you know God will always send someone to help you and he definitely did. My new cardiologist asked me several times Do l Trust Him. And when l went for a week EEG test l went in to tachycardia twice and he was going to stop my heart. And l was praying at the same time and it went back to normal. I was discharged early from the EEG and had emergency surgery. And my doctor he pulled all kinds of strings. So they said it take 2months before they can say if it was a complete success but l feel great. Mines was SVT heart ablation. And l am seeing so many people getting miracles not with hearts. But l just rejoicing with them. Are you still taking meds for heart rhythm and blood pressure. I am but l am able to do so much. And l am back driving. Enjoy your Blessing.

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Glad things are working out for you. I as well am feeling much better. Doing pretty much anything physical I want. In fact probably started doing too much, too soon. But, it has all worked out. Hope I am one of the lucky ones and it doesn't return. Still have PVC's, but they are not as bad as they were. So, at this point, everything is tolerable.