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ENT Issues: I don’t know what to do.

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As a nurse of fifty years ae nd a patient with various ENT problems for many years the fact that you have several consistent and troublesome symptoms tells me that you need a comprehensive exam by a team of experts in various fields. I do not go on this forum to diagnose or to share other people's diagnosis since everyone's issues might be similar but are different in many ways.

I went to Mayo in Rochester almost eight years ago after being wrongly diagnosed and treated by ENTs for years. The comprehensive assessment and treatment I received there is the reason I am still here and finally found out what my diagnoses were. Our heads are very complex 🙂 there's simply too much there for one specialist to diagnose if there hasn't been a successful outcome from initial treatments. Mayo in Rochester is the #1 ENT/Head & Neck medical center in the country and well worth the trip to get a thorough assessment, not just a 2nd opinion. I live in Kentucky and didn't hesitate to get "out of town" to get a diagnosis that I could trust. I strongly suggest you make the trip – you deserve freedom from the horrific symptoms you've suffered all this time.

Again, I am a patient and a nurse but I have no financial or other connection to the Mayo except knowing the entire system is responsible for my current healthy life. I wish you all the best.

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Hi. Would you mind telling me what your diagnosis first was from the ENTs and then what Mayo Clinic found? I was wrongly diagnosed by an ENTs and have had horrible symptoms ongoing for 1.5 years after. I was going to make an appt out to Mayo Clinic but wasn’t sure.