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ENT Issues: I don’t know what to do.

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Does anyone know what these symptoms could be connected to headache over right eye and forehead, facial pain, green mucus I cough up, white bumps on wrist, earache, fatigue, low grade fever, runny nose, nausea, loss of appetite, puffy eyes, and I have gotten dark circles. I have been on this journey for about a year and a haft symptoms have changed after about two misdiagnoses I finally found the problem that I needed my tonsils and adenoids to be removed. She said and a Johns ent surgeon with 12 years of doing this she said that she has never seen a case like I have. I even went to about 5 ent before and they said my tonsil were fun. For about two weeks after recovery all symptoms went away I then got SICK again and then I went back to my ent and she scoped me and I even saw there was so much mucus. After getting diagnosed with a major sinus infection, three weeks on antibiotics the swelling went down but everything else stayed the same. I went back to her yesterday and she said everything was clear and didn’t know what to do. I still have the same symptoms I have gotten ct scans of my sinus and neck, mri of brain, ekg of my heart, X-ray of my chest, Altria sounds of my stomach over this past year and I still am dealing with these symptoms. Does anyone know what I should do.

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Hi @natalee_43, you’ll notice that I’ve combined your messages into one discussion that now appears in the Just Want To Talk and the ENT groups. I did this so that your story appears in one discussion and accessible to members in both groups, so you get the maximum support.

For me that is sinusitis. My daughter had that and after many years they had to operate her to clean her “senos nasales” ( I am sorry my mother tongue is Spanish) which are the holes under your eyes that keep acumulating flems. With that it was ended. Hope this helps