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Post-prandial glucose numbers

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@evittan I am curious, why do you test your blood glucose and have A1c tests if you are not diabetic? Are you considered to be pre-diabetic, or is because of the family history? I found the articles that @hopeful33250 included links for to be very informative, even for me who has been a controlled diabetic for a number of years now.

I think up to 180 is considered to be OK when you test two hours after a meal. I know that exercise helps so I reserve having breakfasts that have more carbs for days when I exercise early in the day. Occasionally my numbers run high but most of the time they are in decent range. I tested this morning before eating and it was only 77 but my endo wants me to test after various meals also. I do not test daily.

I presume that glass noodles have a lot of carbs in them, and certainly rice does also so that could account for your higher numbers. I eat very few starches, there are other ways I prefer to use up my carb allowance, as in fruit.

Good luck with this. I hope your A1c continues to be in the normal range.

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I began testing it when I got sick a few years ago, trying to figure out what was going on with my body. My autoimmune #s indicate something, but I don't know what. The highest pp #s I've recorded so far is 194. That was the high carb meal at lunch. I don't usually eat that high, but I was hungry that day. LOL. I will continue to eat more veggies and protein. p.s. I am not a diabetic, just watching it.

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