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Surgery went okay I think all they did was put in a stint. They couldn’t remove the stone. The Doc said it’s massive and cans be removed now. And shock waves or Lithotripsy won’t work. My kidney was damaged but the tests show its better today so it’s fixing itself I guess. 2 weeks after I get out of here we’ll decide how to get it out. Probably regular invasion type surgery but he mentioned a laser. Not sure how the laser works, anyone know? The shockwaves he said will damage surrounding structures. Seems like he could have just ripped me open and snatched it up.
They put me in the Postpartum section of the hospital. My friends are saying it’s because I act like a child. I think I may need to go shopping for a new set of friends. I’m giving the nurses a good working over. It’s the only fun I get.
I’m in a semi-private room without a a roommate and put a sign on the door that said NO VACANCY.
I’ll get some rest although the opposite is what I need more.
Thanks for your message

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@jakedduck1 Boy, you’re getting to try out everything, aren’t you? The laser surgery is probably another way to break yo the stone to make it easier to remove or let it pass on its own. When they send you home to wait for the surgery, you want to drink lots of water! Keep things flowing. And no strenuous work! This will be a good time to follow the doctor’s advice and let/get your mom to do as much as possible for herself. Keep the helpers your brother hired—you, too, will need them. I wish you the best of everything and hope to keep hearing from you!

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