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Bowel incontinence

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Oh, not in response to any post but 2018 after c.diff and now fecal incontinence …I bought a book from A….zon.ca titled: (British spelling but think available in American sp) "Faecal Incontinence is it really IBS?"
Story of man's journey through this medical issue for many many years and could have cried reading it, and how he cried the first time he messed his clothing while riding subway and going home and stripping off in bathtub/shower" as I have done… interesting reading how he was misdiagnosed and lack of help he had from many of the best physicians…. and why…. and what he ended up doing – no easy fix. He had an implant in bowel; like a pacemaker; found he was lactose intolerant for years; and as I do, take Imodium. Page 95 he mentioned women who have been damaged through childbirth do not know they have been etc. I bought 2 extra books and gave them away but his personal journey has some good basic information in and I wish it could be read, at least by every family doctor. Now I dusted it off to get title I think I will read it again….written in everyday language we can understand too. J.

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@lacy2 that sounds like an interesting book, and what you say about childbirth is interesting too. Did they find there is a connection between IBS and fecal incontinence? I doubt I have IBS but it's an interesting theory.

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