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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lioness… oh no another work related injury… i wonder how many millions of people a year get hurt on the job! thanks, but having so many issues it sounds like i am making them up….and i think i forgot a couple like ibs-d pain, etc….. no wonder a doctor doesnt want me as a new patient, but i could bring him in lots of income! Oh you had same surgery as Brian last November… 25 years ago that is amazing .. took 3 months for the wound on his leg to heal daily dressings… ah well he eatrs red meat, smokes and drinks a bit….. but is on 13 meds…. I dont know why so many!! Ah so holistic meds may be the answer. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by fam. dr. in 2012 but honestly it fell by the wayside when got all these other things…. wonder if I still have it or does it disappear? Well it seems I wont help myself and just want to be like a plant in a pot and be watered but doubt i will ever bloom again. You are very brave and I see help a lot of people on here….. nice of you …. June

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@lacy2 Well my surge5 told me to get of red meat to much sat.fat.He can trim all fat off I do from chicken,turkey also We are to have a little sat fat but not a lot.Its the healthy diet no smoking and rarely alcohol ?I think its 2 for men I have a wine but not everyday Of course I'm sure his cardiologist told him all this ,he needs to take care of himself so he can help you 😉

I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (genetic, diagnosed with blood work) and fibromyalgia is part of the overlap. Movement is so important to move the fluids that press against muscles and tendons, presenting referred pain. A daily walk and general stretching make a huge difference. Rest just lets you rust. Keep up with non-processed, low sugar foods, too as sensitivities lead to pain. I got images of sore joints, and no bone issues; it is all soft tissue woes. I avoid supplements for the most part, but magnesium citrate and D3 help.