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Gaylea1 Hang in there. I am coming up on 3 years since my transplant (June 10). I have had to have approx 12 ERCP's since transplant. I have been lucky as to not get pancreatitis but have ended up in hospital a couple times. More so because i waited to go in when I got sick. Once was in the beginning about 3rd time and once because i was camping and didn't want to come home 2 days early (dumb mistake). I went 10 months at one time without a stint and then it clogged again. You learn the signs and get in early but at that point you are normaly in for atleast 1 or 2 nights. When mine are scheduled it is usually in and out in about 3-4 hours. I will say i had a Dr. That had put seven stints in and said he was trying to get it cleaned in all areas. I came home and was violenty ill that night, ended up in ER and i thought maybe he was over zealous this time as it was more stints than usual and first time it made me that sick. He performed next one when i was sick and waited because i was camping. I was a little leary but knew it had to be done as i was in hospital and very sick. He performed on a sunday evening and Monday i felt great. He just performed my last one a month ago and said he was able to remove all stints! Fingers crossed, but i have gotten use to his work and trust his judgment. He said it was the best it has looked in all the ones he has done on me (5 out of 12). In and out 3 hrs and felt great immediately where it usually took a day to feel better

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@bikermike @gaylea1 Please excuse my ignorance, I just googled ERCP and it sounds diagnostic. I presume that’s only half of the story. What causes the need for this procedure? I have had no problems since my liver transplant, except for the time I contracted legionnaires disease and of course is an indirect condition from the immunosuppressants.

You give me hope the end may be in sight. You have endured a lot. The hospital stays really suck and I dread them. Usually I'm so hyped up on pain meds that at least most of its a blur lol..

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