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sudden pain below left scapula

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Hello @bronta, welcome to Connect. If you don't mind me asking and if you are comfortable sharing, did the pain start presenting itself after you fell off of your bike? Or has this been an ongoing issue? There are some discussions on rotator cuff and shoulder injuries on Connect, but as some members have discussed – and I have experienced personally – shoulder injuries can be hard to determine without medical expertise.

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I've never had that type of pain before, and rarely have any pain. It's totally unusual. The pain presented at about 9:30 a.m. about 8 days after biking accident. Until about 8:30pm on the same day it presented — so for about 12 hours– the pain was somewhat acute: it was unavoidable, but sitting up very straight, and stretching the arm back helped. Breathing very deep as I do fairly regularly with weekly yoga class and every day wake up increased the pain.

It has since subsided a bit, but is still there, in that same location. A deep breath does increase it but not to the level it wasthe first 12 hours. I am scheduled to see my doctor in a month or so, and am hoping this will wait til then – as it's difficult to get in.

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