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jogger01 (@jogger01)

Excercise After Prostatectomy

Prostate Cancer | Last Active: Sep 4, 2020 | Replies (13)

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Had my choline PET SCAN this week and believe I got a minne-sota miracle…..the tail bone lesion that was identified on MRI as highly suspicious for bone matastasis, did not illuminate during choline PET SCAN, meaning negative for prostate cancer and thereby changing the need for chemo…..very happy. The scan did reveal recurrence in soft tissue of prostate bed area and plan to meet radiation oncologist in coming month to assess and devise treatment plan, which will likely be radiation. Will also have radiation oncologist assess the bone lesion, with possibility to additionally radiate this spot as precautionary. I have a great support system including this forum. Many prayers were answered with the PET SCAN results on the bone lesion. I’ll keep you posted with plans after assessment by my radiation oncologist.

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Blessings for your minne-sota miracle, @jogger01. I'm glad that you count the members of this forum as part of your support system. I'll be interested to hear your treatment plans once they're in place. All the best.