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Psychosis or paranoia

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@gingerw we just found out after he was taken to ER I finally saw his discharge papers that had the drug " meth" in his system, he is having a meth pychosis, which I have never heard of but am learning a lot about, he is still showing signs of paranoia/ pychosis we did research online and found it can last for 6 to 10 days, sometimes longer he admitted to taking it now he has been referred to a psychiatric and looks like we will need to set up some form of treatment for substance abuse, yes I believe you have it right we wouldn't allow him to drink here so he took this awful drug, I'm still in shock and trying to figure it all out but at least we have some answers and I have had tremendous support here I thank each and everyone of you I am going to follow the addiction group also on here I think there is one

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oh, I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.

@lolly906 Wow, so glad you found this out. Is your son understanding what has happened, and willing to go through the substance abuse work? When a person has an addictive personality, sometimes they will try anything, their addiction of choice can be wide ranging. Please do consider any support group that will help you and your family. In-person or online, you will find what works for you. And we are here for you, at the cyber table, too.

Hi, @lolly906 – wanted to follow up with you about your son. Has the meth psychosis subsided? Have you decided on some form of treatment for him?

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