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Triggers for caregivers

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Regarding the phone and its effect on those who shared , thanks for talking about this. I used to love talking on the phone but now I find I don't have patience for long conversations unless I am feeling unstressed and sociable. I use all my emotional energy at my caregiver home health jobs and then a son who has health issues and a disabled husband . I just don't have any thing left to give of myself and I don't do small talk . And then I now associate calls with bad news as well.

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I so agree! I now have ALL home calls sent to cell voicemail. I screen ALL cell calls. I accept live calls only from our son, or from those who we are waiting to hear back from. I asked friends and family to text me, rather than call. I changed cell ring tone to harp….

SO true, @georgette12 It is amazing how, when you are stressed, the phone can be such an unwelcome intrusion and perceived as a negative indicator! I find I really, and I mean really, need to be in the mood to chat on the phone — and don't get me started on the number of robo-calls I get now on my cell phone! It is crazy!

Me too. I never answer phone. Except for 2 people and I see their names before I answer.