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Hip Spacer is a Nightmare

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Update: I'm going on 4 months with the spacer, even though the infection has been gone since at least mid-July. Now the delay is that Zimmer didn't start making the new, highly customized acetabular implant until mid-July and then had to scrap it toward the end of the manufacturing process and start over. The reimplantation was originally scheduled for July 15, then August 26, and then, on the night of August 22, my doctor informed me that the implant hadn't arrived yet.

Zimmer says that they HOPE to get the implant to my doctor by Sept. 11, but can't guarantee it. And, mind you, I had to do all of the work of chasing down someone at Zimmer to get information and they've changed their story multiple times.By the time I'm reasonably ambulatory, I will have missed swimming (already past), cycling, and my summer concert series, and I'm just glad I don't have any performances scheduled until November 22 – and could miss that one, if necessary, as it's with my husband's jazz quartet, which can perform without me. First concert with my ensemble is January 11. I can't rehearse with anyone and can barely practice with the spacer. The pain, waiting, uncertainty (and worry that the spacer will break through the paper-thin pelvic wall during the delay) and boredom are driving me mad, and I'm not sleeping – if my boss weren't accommodating me, I'd really have nothing to do.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, you are having a tough time. Why do you have to have a custom made prosthesis?
I think we can all really sympathise with you, the spacer really is an instrument of torture and I couldnt even begin to wonder how painful it must be to try to play a cello with it.
I'm glad your employers are being accomodating it means alot even if you only have a few hours work. I know because mine were the same. I really looked forward to those few hours that I was able to do. My thoughts are with you. I hope you get your implant soon and that you feel the relief I did once it was back in place. Hold in there it will happen I remember feeling as you did at times. Pease keep us updated.
Lots of love Lin xx