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aliali (@aliali)

How to ease grief headache?

Loss & Grief | Last Active: Sep 10, 2019 | Replies (16)

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Hello @aliali I am sorry to read of your loss. Times of grief are always challenging, sad, and emotional roller coasters. I see grief as a natural extension of the love we felt for our loved one. The more we loved the more intense the grief we experience.

I am no doctor, but I do believe stress can manifest itself in many ways in our bodies. All kinds of things get out of whack when we are grieving. Our emotional as well as our physical selves. In my case (and certianly every person is different just as their journey with grief is) I found a simple thing that helped me. I was not staying hydrated as I was so focued on other things in my life so my body was getting even more out of whack. I made myself take regular tea breaks. I'd also use these times to write and found that was a solid combination for me.

I hope it is sunny wherever you are today!

Strength, courage, and peace

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@IndianaScott How old were you when you lost the loved one? I think you can help me because you already experienced such a situation. Can you talk more and more about it? I believe in psychology that even trivial things are useful in treatment!