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Helen, I hope Lori @lorirenee1 will respond here as I know she went through the entire treatment plan with mixed results ultimately. From what I remember from my own research, most (or many) of the people who receive some pain reduction do have to go back after a period of time for a follow up treatment which is one of the drawbacks I mentioned in my previous post. And I believe some may need to go back multiple times. That just would not work for us. Unless perhaps the unit was located in our area. Best, Hank

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@jesfactsmon @helennicola I had Calmare (Scrambler) therapy in two groups of ten sessions. It did not spread pain anywhere, but ultimately, it did not help. The first group of 10 treatments seemed to lessen my pain considerably for about 3 weeks, but then the pain ramped up again. The second group of 10 treatments just did not help at all. I do think that most people that get it do have to come back for repeat treatments, all of the time. It is also very important that the person who does it has a lot of experience doing it, as that seems to make a difference from what I was told. I met a few CRPS patients waiting to get the treatment that said they could not function without it. Everyone is different in their results. Lori Renee