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Hello JK, I live in the Oklahoma City Metro area we do have a very large Teaching Hospital in Oklahoma City, I will check it out I have not seen a G.I. Doctor from that Hospital..I have seen several different G.I. Doctor with no help with my unusual problem they all basically tell me the same thing..Honestly I just feel like giving up & stop trying but I know that’s not the attitude to have I’m just so tired of getting so terrible nauseated while I’m having a bowel movement by the time I finish I’m so sick I can hardly get back on my bed & I stay that way for hours..It’s crazy it’s a relief to go to the bathroom but I just dread it when I have to give in & go..I just know in my Heart some Doctor would know what is going on I just haven’t found the right Doctor yet..JK I appreciate your suggestion & concern Thank you so very much .. I will check out the OU teaching Hospital I have tried everything I know to do…Just talking to you is a great help! You Take Care & Thank You again..

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Hello @cotton,

Just wondering again, if you have a history of previous digestive tract problems, especially surgeries such as gallbladder surgery, etc.?

Many of us here on Mayo Connect have had difficult to diagnose problems and I appreciate the desire you have to find an answer. Keep advocating for yourself and keep asking questions!

@cotton @hopeful33250 has some good questions there, have you had problems before, or surgery to which it could possibly be related?

With these problems going on for so long make sure you find a hospital that has an excellent reputation for gastroenterology. I generally google to make sure I am on the right track. Fortunately, I live in southern NH so Boston is about 55 miles down the road and I use Mass General for just about everything. On most rating sites they are in the top 3 hospitals in the country for most specialties, along with Mayo and Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins generally comes in up there or in fourth place. I know nothing about hospitals out your way, but teaching hospitals are generally a good place to start.