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I know I am facing that down the road…even with caregiver assistance it is often overwhelming. We caregivers need to take care of us too…it’s a hard decision for us to make but the best for all .

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I agree @providence1960 and @rmftucker Caregiving is filled with times of overload, being overwhelmed, and misunderstood. Decisions regarding care are often challenging beyond anything we could have previously imagined.

As I have said more than once 'superheros only exist in the comics and not in caregivers'. Each one of us can only do what we are able to as we focus on what care our loved ones need — at any specific time. Then be ready to see it all change up in an instant and the demands and our abilities to meet them likewise change. Knowing we are making the best care decision can soothe our hearts, but rarely, if ever, make the decisions easy or easier.

Strength, courage, and peace