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Thank you. That is very helpful. It just sends me into panic mode to think of the future of my sister who is very healthy. We did manage to have the driving talk with her and she admitted that she didn’t need the car since we go everywhere together. My husband talked to her from the financial aspect that it was an 11 year old car and she would never get a better price on it than now while it was in good shape. Our niece was looking for a car and offered the Bluebook price for it and my sister jumped on it to help her out! It was all legitimate but slightly staged by having the whole thing worked out before we started the talks. She was sad to have it pull away from the house but she was genuinely relieved that she didn’t have the upkeep on it to worry about and had all this money in her bank account. God was in it ALL. So I guess if she becomes confrontational or violent we shall depend on Him again. Plan B is to sell the house, split the money and get her in somewhere nearby where my husband and I can live separately from her. The only new thing with her is that she sleeps SO much. Thanks for talking with me. I feel so much better and calmer telling you the car story and remembering that it may all work out to the positive too. Thank you.

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My favorite thing about Connect is the sharing @sallysue That is a great outcome for your sister with driving. It was one of the more difficult early potholes we hit with my wife. Luckily she had an appointment at Mayo and her neuro-oncologist was able to get her a test on their driving simulator. She was sad she failed, but he was so good at explaining and ultimately he was the one who said 'no more driving' and since it was the doctor she accepted it more readily than she would have from me.

Sounds like you have some solid plans in place! Things change, but always wise to be prepared! I remember my wife and I once laughing over the time she said to me "Gee, Scott, what is this? Are we on about 'Plan Double Z' now?

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today!

Strength, courage, and peace!