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Aww, I have a Staffy mix who’s name is Gabby. She’s a rescue as all my others have been. She is the one one the right. I was reading through this because my father suffered this ghastly disease. His mother and two brothers were also diagnosed before death. I tested positive for the APEO 4 gene. Scary, although I know it’s not a promise that I’ll suffer also. The most frightening thing is that I’m so aware of the early signs now since we were able to have hindsight on Daddy’s, I am recognizing signs in myself. I have a girlfriend who talks with me and acknowledges that she has seen them too. I can’t get my family to agree and take it seriously.

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Hello @debrat1 Love your pups! I have a rescue Lab and our daughter will be getting a rescue this Friday! I got Napa when a family got a pup as a 'gift' and then tired of her.

I wish you the best and agree that the future is never known to any of us.

On the topic of family recognizing, acknowledging, etc. our health journeys I am reminded of the fact we can not change those things that are out of our control. Throughout my wife's 14+ year journey there were those who consistently thought she was not 'really' ill or that I was just an alarmist when they'd ask 'how is she doing?' and I would answer honestly.

Glad you have your pups! I love their love!

Strength, courage, and peace

@debrat1 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! We're glad you're here. I guess it can be both intimidating and enlightening to know that you have that gene. And that it might or might not cause you problems in the future to a greater degree than what you already recognized can be scary, am I right? Like @IndianaScott said, it's so important that family recognizes the issues. For my mother, she and my dad lived quite a distance away and I rarely saw them. On the times that I did I could really see what was going on. Please come back here and let us know more about yourself and let us know how we can help you.