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Low energy with diabetes

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Water aerobics is my favorite thing to do, and I have had more poor instructors than good ones, so I know the difference in good effort. Incontinence keeps me out of the water now, although I did work alone in the pool before my second knee replacement. The cool chill, despite towels, getting to the locker room just makes matters worse, and I do not want to leave the hot shower afterward. I no longer think I should try the locker room without assistance. If I had someone with me, that would help with the issue of getting warm, dry, and dressed. I must not fall on wet floors, or anytime! I can afford the Y, but should I go and just allow the bladder to dribble everywhere? I loved spending a week at a little country spa but they moved too far away. I found another that is out of my price range and too far for driving, even with my granddaughters accompanying me. I want to continue to urge my athlete granddaughter to "train" me as she is certainly capable, if I can convince her that she won't hurt me at this point. The other thing I am thinking of doing is changing when I take the Metformin because it may be one of the reasons I am not sleeping well at night, besides the bathroom trips. If I can work hard, I will sleep at night. Dorisena

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@dorisena I understand your concerns. When I was first doing water aerobic classes I could barely make it to the toilets in the locker room but I went for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and that has helped a lot.

Fortunately our locker room is quite clean and there are rubber rugs for any water to go through so it is not slippery. My usual routine is after I get out of the water I take a shower, put on my underwear, and then relax for a short time in the sauna. I do not do the hot tubs, I am afraid of UTIs. In the process of doing all of that I do make a number of trips to the toilets. I find that I am pretty good in the water but after I get out I need to "go" a number of times. Apparently there is a physical reason for that.

You are right, instructors can vary a lot. Right now my health club has almost all good instructors. I don't care for the Monday morning one, but I like all of the others and they give a good work-out.

@dorisena Has your pcp checked your B-12 levels? Also, vitamin D is very important.