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dorisena (@dorisena)

Low energy with diabetes

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@dorisena It sounds as if you are doing all of the right things. Your fatigue may simply be the same as mine — the frequent interruptions to sleep at night. Are you doing a lot? I actually find that if I get moving fairly soon after breakfast I do have more energy. The last time I went to my PCP I mentioned that I am tired a lot and often end up taking a nap in the afternoon. His response was "what's wrong with that?".
If your metabolism is slow maybe you need more activity to get it cranked up a bit, that's a possibility also. My husband is 83 and has always been much younger than his years but this past year he has found that he has slowed down a lot. He does still go to the gym three times a week and he works two days a week, but he often falls asleep in front of the TV at nighttime.

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yes, I need more activity, but the body doesn't seem able to do it. I know I have not had a stroke. There is a condition called muscle wasting which happens after surgery. Everyone told me to rest instead of pushing my body to recover. I think that was being kind but was not particularly good advice. No more surgery for me. My granddaughter is coming to stretch me and push me to walk more.
I will not quit without a fight with this old body. Exercise is supposed to make it work better. If I am to have a normal future, I must try.
I am not ready for a wheelchair and added weight gain. Dorisena