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Low energy with diabetes

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Yes, I have recognized for years that lots of carbs will put me to sleep right after a meal. Yes, I agree the getting up at night affects my ability to stay awake during the day. But the low carb diet is supposed to make me feel more energetic which it did when I was first diagnosed. I lost 19 pounds. Now, I drag around and nothing happens, so I am still looking for the tricks to keep myself going reasonably well at 83. Perhaps I expect too much because my mind is way ahead of my body, it seems. I get up early, take my thyroid pill and go back to sleep a little longer or I must take a nap after breakfast in order to begin my day. I am a careful breakfast eater. My family doesn't mind that I am doing less each day, but I am worried about it all. I have an appointment with an attorney to discuss estate matters next week, so I need to be alert and not taking a nap after lunch. My daughter is accompanying me. I am considering going back to midmorning small snacks and afternoon snacks and a later dinner. I feel pretty well in the evening. Right now I do the day work at night if necessary. My metabolism is obviously very slow. I am working on it. Evening is when I play the piano or talk on the phone. Dorisena

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@dorisena It sounds as if you are doing all of the right things. Your fatigue may simply be the same as mine — the frequent interruptions to sleep at night. Are you doing a lot? I actually find that if I get moving fairly soon after breakfast I do have more energy. The last time I went to my PCP I mentioned that I am tired a lot and often end up taking a nap in the afternoon. His response was "what's wrong with that?".
If your metabolism is slow maybe you need more activity to get it cranked up a bit, that's a possibility also. My husband is 83 and has always been much younger than his years but this past year he has found that he has slowed down a lot. He does still go to the gym three times a week and he works two days a week, but he often falls asleep in front of the TV at nighttime.